The world’s largest system scaffold manufacturer, Layher Ltd. is announcing a design enhancement that is set to improve its services to customers and help them with the move towards digital planning.  Layher’s Scaffold Information Modelling (SIM®) offers a range of planning tools that not only make the creation of the optimal scaffold structure more efficient but which also interface directly with Building Information Management (BIM) methodology which is making increasing inroads into the industry.         

“SIM® helps with planning operations which in turn can maximise installation efficiency, reduce risk and enhance cost savings,” says Sean Pike, Layher Ltd.’s UK Managing Director.  “It builds on our LayPLAN and LayCAD facilities enabling users to create 3D visualisations either on screen or via a VR headset that takes you into the digital world.  Once there, scaffolds can be rotated, ‘flown-through’ and readily adapted before producing key information outputs such as material needs, weights and logistical details.”

The company points out that, apart from a valuable planning and operational tool, Layher’s SIM® tool also offers enhanced presentation opportunities, construction sequence Simulisation, communication with mobile devices via mixed reality (stored in the cloud) and even VR modelling that allows virtual tours to be experienced and any clash detection issues to be resolved.

“We have also incorporated the capability for realistic rendering to be added while ease of operation is enhanced by extensive component libraries, a search and filter function and the capability to hold pre-fabricated assemblies and template drawings on file to aid rapid design,” adds Sean Pike.  

Suitable for use with all scaffold types – from façades and circular installations to birdcage and freestanding structures, together with temporary roof facilities – Layher’s SIM® development is set to become a vital and widely used tool.  Moreover, it demonstrates that the company’s commitment to innovation extends not only to the equipment itself but also into key design operations.

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