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Layher’s commitment to ongoing product innovation has underpinned the company’s success for almost 80 years. From the smallest device to the introduction of a completely reworked scaffolding system, the new products that we bring to market are the result of extensive R&D and are designed to offer optimised performance, safety and efficiency … with many a direct response to feedback from our customers.


Layher’s new low weight, high strength, multifunctional solution

pastedGraphic.pngWinner, NASC Product Innovation of the Year, 2022

More beam, more possibilities

TwixBeam’s high strength, ease of installation and dismantling, and full compatibility with Layher Allround bring significant advantages to scaffolding project efficiency.

Its low strength-to-weight ratio accounts for a high level of variability and design flexibility. As a multifunctional solution it is suitable for fixing, stabilising and bridging in all types of scaffold construction – features contributing in the field for the first time in the UK where bridging, gantries and hanging solutions need safe, efficient erection and dismantling.

TwixBeam extends still further the ability of Layher Allround to meet virtually any scaffolding and access requirement, and is the result of our own collaborative research and development programme in conjunction with invaluable customer feedback.

Strength in numbers…

What you need to know about TwixBeam . . .

  • Detachable aluminium beam comprising two extruded U-profiles and spacers mounted back-to-back
  • Available in range of 10 standard lengths – extendable with Beam Connectors or Insertion Beams
  • Light weight [approx. 7.2 kg/m] and high load bearing [Bending moment 57.1 kN (ultimate) / 38.1 kN (permissible)
  • Hybrid design integrates with FlexBeam and the full Layher modular system
  • Strut adjustment range from 0.90 m – 2.367 m
  • Enables tie-back anchoring, e.g. of scaffolds
  • Use as support beam for stairtower suspension, hanging and cantilevered scaffolds. Can in addition be used to optimise TG60 in shoring operations
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