Product Innovation - Allround AGS Façade System

Layher’s commitment to ongoing product innovation has underpinned the company’s success for almost 80 years. From the smallest device to the introduction of a completely reworked scaffolding system, the new products that we bring to market are the result of extensive R&D and are designed to offer optimised performance, safety and efficiency … with many a direct response to feedback from our customers.

Allround AGS Façade System

Advanced efficiency, versatility, speed and safety in façade scaffolding

pastedGraphic.png Winner, NASC Product Innovation of the Year, 2021

Layher’s Allround AGS Façade System offers an advanced safe, simple and efficient solution for façade scaffold installations via an innovative advancing post and guardrail design. The system is completely independent but can also interface directly with other well-established Layher equipment.

The system comprises 2 m standards featuring integrated Layher rosette connectors at 1 m height to which two single guardrails are pre-attached. The assembly is then elevated by hand from the secure lower level, meaning the preceding guardrails are already in place on the next lift. The guardrails are fixed in place via highly visible quick-release levers whose bright red finish enables a rapid visual check of an entire structure to be made from ground level.

The AGS Façade System’s lightweight materials aid the manual handling process, with dimensions that help to optimise transportation and storage. Once installed, extensions can be readily added, regardless of the existing structure’s layout.

Key benefits at a glance

  • Standards provide the same loading capacity as their Allround stablemates.
  • Guardrail lengths of between 1.57 m and 3.07 m are available.
  • Installations can match the full range of Layher’s common bay widths.
  • Advancing side protection can also be incorporated.
  • Structures can feature both external and internal protection throughout.
  • Bracing components such as Allround ledgers or diagonals as well as U-shaped transoms can be fitted.
  • System independence is enhanced enabling the user to react flexibly to site needs.
  • Other Allround components such as hop-up brackets, stairs and loading bays can integrate seamlessly to become part of an Allround AGS Façade System installation.

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